Beverly to 5th

We all know about the benefits of coffee, right? It perks you up, gets you ready for the day, makes the first few hours of work bearable. Naturally, you can overdo it. Sometimes it walks the line between a nice pick-me-up and what is essentially legalised amphetamines. However, there's a lot of other benefits that come from drinking a good old cup of joe. It's good for your brain, keeps you alert, and helps you burn fat. But, did you know it can also make you super sexy? We did not.

Beverly To 5th is harnessing the power of coffee to make your skin all spangly and irresistible. They've produced a line of skincare products and scrubs using actual coffee, which is apparently really good for exfoliating and softening your skin. They've come up with some mouth-watering flavours like coconut, mandarin, and peppermint. Just as a warning, we're pretty sure this only works with scrubs. Don't go splashing your face with a steaming hot latte in the morning. That's not going to do your skin any favours.