Love it or hate it, New York has to be one of the most inspirational places on Earth. And here at Half & Twice, we adore it. It's probably no coincidence that everyone in our team has spent time in the city. Those of us who have lived there, find ourselves talking about it every chance we get.

Perhaps that's why we decided to buy this guide to New York by Cereal, a travel and style magazine published twice a year. Each issue is divided into city-specific chapters featuring stories on local places, people, and products. There's also an interlude section with style and culture articles, all presented with a clean, harmonious design, and striking photography.

Their line of city guides are stunning. The New York edition is a collection of photo essays, recommendations, and neighbourhood maps, as well as personal essays from bona fide New Yorkers. All enough to leave us longing to be back in the city that never sleeps.