Ferm Living

We featured Copenhagen-based Ferm Living a little while back after we fell in love with their classy and cozy approach to furniture and homeware. And these adorable Treasure Diamonds. With typical Danish precision, they are masters of mixing elegance with function. And they’ve just come out with a stunning new collection.

Ferm Living is where you go shopping for things that make a house a home. And we suspect their philosophy might be based on the Danish concept of “hygge” (pronounced “hoo-ga,”) which roughly translates to the word “coziness.” So we were pretty thrilled to receive a huge package of some of the latest additions to their collection of hyggelig homeware. And even more thrilled when we ripped it open and had a peek inside. What awaited us was a veritable treasure chest of goodies. It included gorgeous quilt cushions and covers complete with knitted 3D designs, snazzy, stackable cups made from lightweight matte porcelain, and a couple of double-woven towels made from 100 % GOTS-certified organic cotton.