If you've ever seen the show Portlandia, you'll know that the city of Portland has become the symbolic epicentre for all things hipster. As easy as it is to poke fun at hipsters (and it is very easy,) their ironic posturing, love of vintage, and historically ambiguous haircuts, there is clearly something very attractive, even aspirational, about the lifestyle.

Kinfolk was born in Portland, brainchild of Nathan Williams and Katie Searle-Williams, who have sought to use the publication as a bible for their way of life. The philosophy is all about slow living, rejecting the pressures and confines of the modern world in favour of self-sufficiency, community, and an appreciation of life's simple pleasures. Each issue is based on a theme. 1518, and 19, for example, have articles on entrepreneurship and creativity, community and design, and breaking out of your comfort zone. Crucially, the whole thing is packaged in an absolutely immaculate and expertly defined aesthetic. Which, of course, is part of the allure. This is a lifestyle magazine for those of us who appreciate good design, balance, and pretty things. Even if it is a bit hipstery.