Mast Brothers

This time last year, Brooklyn-based chocolatiers and beard enthusiasts Mast Brothers, were embroiled in one of the biggest scandals to hit the chocolate-making industry. They came under fire for remelting, a process of melting down industrially produced chocolate and using it in their bars. Naturally, this threw into question their ethos of bean-to-bar manufacturing. The two founders came out and admitted that they had melted bars in their first year of production, but insisted that this was no longer the case and that they had always been transparent about their methods.

Eventually, the whole palaver blew over and the company has focused on getting back to what they're famous for: artisanal methods and immaculate packaging. The controversy has done little to abate their growth and they now have flagship stores in Brooklyn, LA, and London maintaining an emphasis on producing delicious, high-end chocolate.