Memobottle A5

Memobottle make reusable, environmentally friendly bottles that sit perfectly at home on top of your desk, in your handbag or backpack, and on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Austria.

How did they end up in a museum? The answer lies in their quirky design, modeled after traditional paper sizes. Aside from being a somewhat genius, and aesthetically innovative idea, the Memobottle is also a Kisckstarter success story. The pitch was simple, to make a reusable, plastic water bottle that didn't totally mess up the environment. And with 1,500 plastic bottles being used and discarded every second in the US, it seems like quite a sorely needed product. Unsurprisingly, the internet responded with unbridled enthusiasm, and the Memobottle was born.

We bought the A6 a little while back, became instant fans, and the lovely people at Memobottle sent us both the A5. They've both quickly become indispensable at the office, home, and everywhere in between.