This high quality, quarterly magazine echoes some of the philosophy that drives publications like Kinfolk. It's all about striking that crucial balance between work and life. But, whereas Kinfolk was born in the relatively chilled city of Portland, Prvncl sprung up from the chaos of New York City. And anyone who's spent more than a holiday there will be familiar with its relentless pace and often maddening intensity.

Editor and NYC resident Grace Alexandra Taylor had somewhat of an epiphany when she spent time in the south of France. While she was there, she saw how locals managed to allot time to responsibilities, social life, and leisure without running around panicked, tearing their hair out. On the spot she decide to bring some of that philosophy home with her and funnel it into Prvncl. Since then, the magazine has published stories, design, and photography celebrating the values of craft, creativity, and stress-free living. Vol. 3 is out now!