You may have noticed that 90s fashion and culture is a pretty big deal at the moment. Walk down any high street and you're bound to spot some cringey accessory from your early adolescence. Scrunchies are making a comeback, as are flannel shirts, round sunglasses, mom jeans, chokers, and pretty much anything that ever appeared as an outfit on The Craft. With a suitably 90s sounding name, Rad is a Paris-based company that's strongly pushing those pre-millennium trends, but updating them with all the references and ironic attitude that define today's millennials.

Behold the peaked baseball cap ! Long-considered dead in the fashion world, it seems to have been kept on life-support by American tourists and Eminem. And now it's back. And why the hell not? Perhaps it will finally put an end to the snap-back and the beanie, which have dominated everything from hip-hop to hipster headwear for way too long.