Remember temporary tattoos? They were so great. They would come in packs of bubblegum, and you'd have to apply them with saliva because you couldn't wait to get home and use water from the tap. And then they would start peeling and you'd be walking around for a week with half a tribal tattoo on your arm, but everyone still thought you were totally cool and badass. Adults aren't supposed to do things like that. Now you have to have a real tattoo and be all serious about it. Which is sad.

Fear not! A Brooklyn-based company called Tattly is making it acceptable for adults to wear them. They have so many designs, all done by a crew of guest artists and illustrators. We got the Boardwalk Set by Julia Rothman and plastered them all over ourselves. They're ridiculously fun. Probably the most fun thing about them is riding the Metro and watching people staring at you trying to figure out if you actually got a hot dog and fries tattooed on your neck.