The Death of Cool

For those of us who grew up with skateboards and surfboards in our hands, part of the attraction of the lifestyle was being different and, let's face it, cooler than everyone else. Whether or not that was true, and judging by some of the questionable fashion choices some of us made in the early 2000s, it was patently not, the subcultures always seemed to attract a ragtag bunch of dreamers, wasters, and creative misfits. And it's that essence that Desillusion / The Death of Cool promotes through its magazineTumblr, and online store.

Their online store is called The Death of Cool, which implies that they don't consider themselves cool. Which obviously makes them totally cool. There's a whole bunch of board-related lifestyle products on sale, from t-shirts and boards, to artwork, goggles, and mugs. We bought a beautiful pyramid of surfboard wax from their site, which will probably be sitting on the desk as a torturous reminder of how far away the summer is.