Wooden & Woven

Alexander Devol is a man with a vision. His company, Wooden & Woven, is a reflection of his romantic principals. This is a man who values artistry, craftsmanship, and authenticity. It is the very antithesis of mass production, of conveyor belts and shoddy materials. The objects he produces and sells on his site are unique and made by hand. They sometimes look like they were created in nature by some marvellous cosmic accident.

These objects range from the functional to the purely decorative. Among the bowls, cheeseboards, and spoons are truly artistic creations. These balancing rocks caught our eye for their simple elegance. Made from a range of different woods, each one is sawn, faceted, waxed and polished by hand and completely to order, a process that takes several weeks and reinforces the timeless phrase that good things come to those who wait.